About Rebecca

Rebecca Danger

I make art because I strongly believe we all need more happy in our lives. Life can be really hard, so many of us are fighting invisible battles every day. I know that in my life, as with most of the people I know, we just need little reminders or guideposts to keep us on a happy path.

I am a proud mama to two beautiful, amazing boys. My oldest son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was 4. Living with Autism for our family is like a rollercoaster ride: there are thrilling highs of things like seeing the tiniest amounts of forward progress, and a child that understands negative number at age three, and the lowest of lows with things like an 8 year old who kicks his door off the frame and the frame out of the wall and can’t go to the grocery store because the lights are too bright and the sounds are too loud. And oftentimes these highs and lows happen in the same day. I am my son’s advocate and in charge of all of these highs and lows every single day, and it can be so incredibly hard. Making art, super positive and colorful art that inspires happiness and joy in not only myself, but others as well helps me get through the hard days. And weeks. And months. And years…. 

I truly believe in the phrase, “If you want to be happy, make other people happy.” I love that sharing my happy art with the world helps make all of us happier. ❤️